Apollo 200



The 3 in 1 charcoal and water smoker can fit up to 12 four-inch hamburgers on a single cooking grid. The portable powerhouse of a charcoal grill is perfect for a day at the beach or camping. It’s small enough to take anywhere with you, and big enough to feed a crowd. But you can also just leave it in the back yard as part of your outdoor kitchen arsenal. The Apollo™ Charcoal Grill And Water Smoker. Another Napoleon product with versatility and quality in mind. Smoking is a process that is well worth the work. Do large batches by using both tiers of the Apollo™ AS200K to maximize your smoking space. Ribs, pork shoulder, bacon a chicken and some fish? No problem! Hang long items, like sausages and whole fish, from the meat hooks in the lid. Or layer the cooking grids inside the chambers for loads of space in this compact smoker. Whether the job is small or large, the Apollo™ Charcoal Grill and Water Smoker has you covered.