Ooni Karu 16 Oven

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The Ooni Karu 16 Oven is a versatile and high-performance outdoor pizza oven designed for pizza enthusiasts and outdoor cooking lovers. This multi-fuel oven allows you to cook with wood or charcoal right out of the box, or you can use the Ooni Karu 16 Gas Burner (sold separately) for added convenience and control. Reaching an impressive 950°F (500°C) in just 15 minutes, it ensures you can create restaurant-quality pizzas in just 60 seconds.

The Ooni Karu 16 features a new hinged oven door design with ViewFlame™ technology, enhancing visibility and allowing you to monitor your cooking without losing heat. The mounted digital thermometer displays the internal ambient oven temperature, ensuring precise cooking every time. Its large cooking area can accommodate up to 16-inch pizzas, making it perfect for family gatherings and pizza parties.

Technical features include a cooking surface of 16.7 x 16.7 inches (42.42 x 42.42 cm) with 0.6-inch thick (15mm) cordierite pizza stones that ensure even heat distribution and excellent heat retention. The oven body is made of durable powder-coated carbon steel and stainless steel, designed to withstand high temperatures and outdoor conditions. The unboxed dimensions are 33 x 32 x 20 inches (50 x 81.5 x 83.7 cm) with a weight of 62.6 lbs (28.4 kg), making it a sturdy and robust cooking appliance. The boxed dimensions are 37.4 x 24 x 15.75 inches (95 x 61 x 40 cm) with a boxed weight of 86.6 lbs (39.3 kg).

The Ooni Karu 16 Multi-Fuel Oven is perfect for those who want to explore different cooking methods and enjoy the authentic taste of wood-fired or gas-cooked pizzas. Its high-temperature capabilities, innovative design features, and large cooking area make it a must-have for any outdoor cooking enthusiast.

What Makes Ooni Karu 16 Oven Awesome?

The Ooni Karu 16 Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven brings the most versatile Ooni outdoor cooking experience and advanced technology to the pizza party.

Phenomenal large pizzas, roasted meats, seared vegetables or even fresh bread. Flame-cook epic meals outdoors with wood, charcoal or gas.

With multiple fuel options, try using wood and/or charcoal for the joy of the pizza purist experience and a subtle wood-fired flavor, or opt for a low-maintenance cook with an Ooni Karu 16 Gas Burner (sold separately)

Thanks to new design features, make 16-inch pizzas while enjoying better temperature control, more fuel-efficient air flow, increased oven insulation and better visibility.

After just 15 minutes of preheating, you’ll be cooking at 950°F (500°C), making flame-cooked pizzas in 60 seconds, perfectly seared Tomahawk steaks, grilled veggies and more with the Ooni Karu 16 oven.

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