Wall mount, built-in electric fireplace by ORCTECH – ideal for new construction and renovations.

  • Vent located at the front
  • Available in Black and White Colour Trims (LEDFP-40 in Black only)
  • High quality log-set, crystals and pebbles for fuel bed
  • With two levels of heating adjustment, low / high heat
  • Multiple 10 colours and HD+ LED for realistic flame effect
  • With the option of wall mount or built-in design and multiple heater and flame settings
  • Ideal for both new construction or renovations and operates with remote or touch control button
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Available in 4 sizes:

  • 40″ (LEDFP-40) / 50″ (LEDFP-50) / 60″ (LEDFP-60) / 72″ (LEDFP-72) wall mounted, built-in electric fireplaces by ORCTECH. Ideal for new construction and renovations.

Recessed to Wall Installation

  1. Select a dry wall to open a hole for fireplace box
  2. Fix the three anchors in each side of the fireplace box
  3. Take off the two screws in both sides of the glass panel
  4. Have two people to take the glass panel out of the fireplace box.
    Place it at a soft and clean place
  5. Have two people to move the fireplace box to the wall hole

Wall Mounted Installation

  1. Select a location that is not prone to moisture and is located at least 36″ away from combustible materials
  2. Have two people hold the appliance against the wall to determine the final location
  3. Place unit face down on a soft, non-abrasive suface.
    Remove ethe bracket from the back of the unit by removing the screws
  4. Mark out location, then mount the bracket(s) onto the wall using the supplied screws.
    This bracket MUST have the hooks facing upward and be level
  5. Witht the wall mounting bracket installed, have two people lift the appliance up.
    Insert the two hooks on the bracket into the two slots on the back of the appliance
  6. Check the appliance for stability ensuring that the bracket will not pull free from the wall

40" (LEDFP-40), 50" (LEDFP-50), 60" (LEDFP-60), 72" (LEDFP-72)

Available Finishes

Black, White

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